Currajong Common

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Experience unique opportunities with our farmers on Currajong Common

Kidding Season  |  A beautiful time of year watching newborn Angora Goats come into the world. There is nothing cuter than our #currajongkids jumping and playing with each other.

Bottle Feeding  |  During kidding season we sometimes have to supplement feed with formula and a bottle. This is an amazing experience that guests are welcome to join in with.

Visiting our friendly Angora Goats   |   Our goats are herd animals and consider us as part of the family. We make sure to interact with them to allow them to experience minimal stress when human interaction is needed.

Currajong Common

Our Story

Moving to the country was always the plan.  After 20 years in Sydney, we knew we wanted a tree change, but it took us 5 years of searching to find this farm, Currajong Common.  After spending our childhoods growing up in the country, the lure of clean air, peace and quiet and sustainable living was always the goal.  When we found Currajong Common with its magnificent views and countryside, we knew we were home.

Our new home was a hand built mud brick home with an eclectic collection of doors and windows from demolished Melbourne houses 50 years earlier.  It was quaint and quirky and with some careful renovations we were able to make it our own, but still retaining its character.

With the purchase of the property came our introduction to Angora Goats.  Goats had been residents on the farm for many years, and we agreed to keep them on the property.  What a delightful animal they have proved to be, not only around us, but for our visitors as well.  They are intelligent and inquisitive and are very easy to fall in love with!

We look forward to hosting you at Currajong Retreat.  By staying with us, you will be helping keep our dream for Currajong Common alive.

Grant & Jenny

Experience life on the farm

Complimentary farm tour with every stay at Currajong Retreat