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Important Route Information

Please note: Google Maps may indicate alternate routes for self-drive from Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. We recommend you use the sealed routes as advised. Please review the below detailed directions and your pre-departure email to avoid unsuitable routes.


Currajong Common,
83 Big Jack Mountain Road, Burragate NSW 2550 AUSTRALIA


+61 2 6496 7072
Office hours 9AM -5PM


Finding Us

Currajong Retreat is situated just inland from Eden and Pambula, NSW Australia.

Read on for travel tips to make your journey easy.

Fly into Merimbula Airport

Fly into Merimbula Airport from Sydney or Melbourne with a short 1 hour flight with Rex or Qantas Airlines, please refer to their websites for schedules. Car hire is available at Merimbula Airport to complete your journey by self-drive to Currajong Retreat, approximately 28km from Merimbula.

Self-drive from Sydney (coastal route)

The coastal route from Sydney is approximately 6-7 hours by car. This will take you from Sydney through Batemans Bay, Bega, Candelo and to Burragate (Currajong Retreat). Embrace all the coast has to offer, from quaint coastal towns to magnificent coastal views. If you're not on a tight timeframe, this is the perfect way to ease into your holiday and make the most of your road trip south.

Self-drive from Sydney (inland route)

If time is of the essence, the quickest and easiest route from Sydney by car is inland via Canberra (approximately 6 hours). This route will take you directly along the highway from Sydney to Canberra, then to Cooma, Nimmitabel, Bemboka, Candelo and arriving in Burragate (Currajong Retreat). Please ensure you follow the recommended route to avoid unsealed roads, we do not recommend following the route provided by Google Maps on the last part of the journey.

Self-drive from Canberra

Drive south to Cooma, Nimmitabel, Brown Mountain, Bemboka, Candelo and Burragate (Currajong Retreat). This journey is approximately 3 hours. Please ensure you follow the recommended route to avoid unsealed roads, we do not recommend following the route provided by Google Maps on the last part of the journey. Alternative routes via the Snowy Mountains should be taken with regard to weather conditions according to seasons. These routes may be closed for traffic during the winter months. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via phone or email.

Self-drive from Melbourne

Follow the Princess Highway to Boydtown and Eden, and turn left onto the Towamba Road and to Burragate (Currajong Retreat). Approximately 7 hours driving time. Please advise back roads and routes through the South East National Parks may lead you on unsuitable roads. Please follow the recommended route.

Arriving in Burragate (Currajong Retreat)

Turn onto Big Jack Mountain Road, cross the Towamba River via the Burragate Bridge, travel 200m and enter first gate to the left ’83 Currajong Common’. Drive approximately 1.2km up this shared farm road across a small creek and turn left at the top of the rise at the ‘Currajong Retreat’ Sign. Enter the farm gate and proceed to reception, which is just past the first farm homestead. There is reception parking at the Shearing Shed.


Petrol Stations are limited in the area. Please ensure you have enough fuel to reach one of the larger towns for refuelling once you check out. Arriving from Canberra, Cooma is the largest town for refuelling before you reach the Retreat.

Unsealed roads

Please familiarise yourself with recommended routes to avoid unsealed roads. The routes provided are all sealed roads until you reach Burragate. We cannot guarantee road conditions if taking other routes. The last 1 km of road and driveway into Currajong Retreat from Burragate is unsealed, reasonable all-weather 2WD road.

Mobile Reception

Please note the last 20km of the drive (depending where you are travelling from) has no mobile coverage. Please ensure you have directions available offline before leaving reception.