Currajong Common

A beautiful 100 acre property, Currajong Common is home to a few hundred Angora goats and the beautiful Currajong Retreat.

With pristine farmland at your doorstep, Currajong Retreat’s unique location on a working Angora Goat farm provides many opportunities for everyone to interact with nature. Whether it’s exploring the banks of the Towamba River, going for a dip in the clean, pure water, meandering through farm paddocks, or interacting with our friendly Angora goats, there is something for everyone.

If you prefer to stay in the comfort of your accommodation, you are not missing out! Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature from the daybeds on your deck, with a variety of native flora and fauna to admire and many inquisitive birds that may come for a visit.



Regenerative Farming

On our farm we are passionate about regenerative farming in order to restore and rebuild the biodiversity of the land to its natural condition. To do this we aim to continually improve our soils creating nutrient dense pastures by creating the right environment to heal the soil, in turn producing healthy animals and quality mohair. Using grazing strategies that mimic nature we reduce the possibility of overgrazing and allow nature to work in the way it always has.

Learn more about regenerative farming and how we strive to create a sustainable future when you visit. Complimentary farm tours are available direct from our farmers themselves.

Angora Goats

A special part of our farm is our large mob of Angora Goats. They have a curious and docile nature and have a way of captivating the hearts of guests. These 300 to 400 Angora Goats are located in the surrounding paddocks of Currajong Retreat and are a highlight for many during their stay. As we handle our goats in a minimal stress environment, they are not fearful of people and enjoy human interaction.

For those who are interested in an opportunity to get up close and personal with our mob of goats, complimentary goat walks are offered daily to all our guests. During the spring months we welcome many baby goats born on the farm. This is a highlight for many and is our most popular time of year.

Small Eco-footprint

Currajong Common has always been completely off grid and we have maintained this throughout the development of the retreat. We use solar energy and natural water sources throughout the property. Take pride in knowing your getaway with us is supported by a minimal eco-footprint.

We strive to implement innovative and sustainable practices throughout both farm and retreat. Recent sustainable projects include planting multiple tree species along our creek and dams to develop a wildlife corridor for native wildlife, and the continuous expansion of our vegetable garden and orchards to serve local and seasonal foods to our guests where possible.

Meet the resident animals of Currajong

Angora Goats

Our friendly mob of Angora Goats, with their curious and docile nature, love a little attention from our guests.

Kidding Season

A beautiful time of year watching newborn Angora Goats come into the world. There is nothing cuter than watching kids jump and play as they explore their new world.

Australian Wildlife

Discover a variety of Australian wildlife native to the area including wombats, echidnas and possums.


Spot exquisite birdlife around the farm and your accommodation, including waking to the beautiful melody of the Shrike Thrush, or if you are lucky sight a Diamond Firetail.

Unplug and immerse yourself in nature


Expansive countryside at your doorstep, with many walks to enjoy along the river or through the paddocks. Early morning mist adds its tendrils to an already beautiful scene, and birdcalls are a reminder to get up, and breathe in the joy of the new day.

Beautiful Landscapes

Even just driving to Currajong takes you through stunning national park and rainforest, and the heart-warming views continue at Currajong Retreat. Marvel at the river, the farmland beyond, and in the distance, the striking rock face of Jingera.

Nature Walks

Walking around the farm is such a joy, through green paddocks, by beautiful trees, down by the river and up hills to view the majestic surrounds.

Starry Nights

Experience pristine country air, star-filled night skies, and magnificent views during your stay at Currajong Retreat. The stars are truly spectacular, there are no towns to dim the brightness of the galaxies above, just the inky blackness of a tranquil country setting.


Mornings in the countryside are magical, and once you wake, you will feel like you are the only people witnessing the new day. Sit on your private deck with a coffee, or go for a walk down to the river to have a dip in the cool, sweet and clean water as the sun rises.

Towamba River

The Towamba River flows from the Great Dividing Range to Eden’s Twofold Bay. It sings to guests as it dances over rocks, and its pools are perfect for a cooling dip.